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Sagrada Madre – Premium Smudge Bomb (8pc) – Frankincense and Orange



Introducing the Smudge Bomb Premium – Frankincense and Orange, an 8-piece collection meticulously crafted to fuse the ancient, grounding essence of Frankincense with the bright, uplifting aroma of Orange. This harmonious blend is designed to rejuvenate your space, providing a perfect balance between spiritual depth and cheerful vitality.

Each Smudge Bomb is made from a base of natural ingredients, including the resinous notes of Frankincense known for its powerful purifying and meditative properties, and the sweet, energizing scent of Orange to invigorate the senses and enhance positivity. Together, they create an atmosphere of peace and happiness, ideal for moments of reflection or when you wish to infuse your surroundings with a serene yet joyful energy.

Perfect for use in any setting that desires a lift in mood or a deep spiritual cleanse, the Smudge Bomb Premium – Frankincense and Orange is your go-to choice for creating a welcoming, balanced ambiance. Whether you’re engaging in yoga, meditation, or simply want to transform your living space into a sanctuary of calm and positivity, these smudge bombs deliver with each burn.

Each piece in the collection offers a burn time of approximately 5 to 10 minutes, making them ideal for quick yet effective purification sessions. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner of smudging or are just beginning to explore this ancient practice, the Smudge Bomb Premium provides a simple, powerful tool to clear negative energy and invite warmth and brightness into your life.

Embrace the uplifting blend of Frankincense and Orange with the Smudge Bomb Premium. Let it guide you to a place of tranquility and renewed energy, where every breath is a step towards a happier, more balanced existence.


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