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Sagrada Madre – Premium Smudge Bomb (8pc) – Frankincense and Cinnamon



Discover the enriching essence of our Smudge Bomb Premium, a unique fusion of Frankincense and Cinnamon, designed to elevate your cleansing rituals and infuse your space with warmth and protection. This premium set includes 8 pieces, each carefully crafted to blend the ancient purification properties of Frankincense with the inviting, spicy notes of Cinnamon.

Embrace a ritual that not only cleanses but also invigorates your surroundings, offering a comforting atmosphere that nurtures well-being and spiritual clarity. Perfect for meditation, yoga, or any moment needing a touch of warmth and energetic protection, our Smudge Bomb Premium creates a sacred space where tranquility and strength reside.

Easy to use, simply place a Smudge Bomb in a heat-safe container, ignite, and allow the smoke to billow softly. Blowing out any flames lets the smoky essence carry away negativity, leaving your sacred space infused with a protective, warm embrace. For an enhanced experience, open your windows to let the old energies escape, making room for positive vibrations and a refreshed aura.

Each Smudge Bomb burns for 5 to 10 minutes, offering a potent, time-efficient way to purify your home, office, or any space needing a revitalizing touch. This collection is ideal for both beginners and seasoned smudging enthusiasts looking for a powerful yet soothing cleansing tool.

Step into a world of warmth, protection, and purity with the Smudge Bomb Premium – Frankincense and Cinnamon 8pcs. Transform your spiritual practice and invite a cozy, protective atmosphere into your life today.


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