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Sagrada Madre – Premium Smudge Bomb (8pc) – Frankincense and Rose



Introducing the Smudge Bomb Premium – Frankincense and Rose, an 8-piece set exquisitely designed to blend the timeless sanctity of Frankincense with the delicate allure of Rose. This unique combination offers a profound smudging experience that cleanses your space while enveloping it in an aroma of divine love and spiritual awakening.

Frankincense, revered for centuries for its purifying and spiritual properties, creates a sacred atmosphere that elevates the soul and calms the mind. When harmoniously paired with the gentle, loving energy of Rose, it fosters an environment of peace, compassion, and deep emotional healing. This blend is perfect for moments of meditation, reflection, or when seeking to infuse your space with positive, loving vibes.

The Smudge Bomb Premium – Frankincense and Rose is tailored for those who appreciate the finer nuances of a spiritual practice or wish to create a sanctuary of tranquility and heartfelt warmth in their surroundings. Ideal for enhancing your meditation area, yoga space, or any room in your home, these smudge bombs are a potent tool for clearing away negativity and inviting in love and serenity.

Each stick in this premium collection offers a burn time of approximately 5 to 10 minutes, providing a quick, yet deeply transformative smudging session. Whether you’re a long-time advocate of smudging or newly curious about this ancient ritual, the Smudge Bomb Premium – Frankincense and Rose is an essential addition to your spiritual toolkit, designed to elevate the energy of your space and nurture your spirit with the sacred scents of Frankincense and Rose.

Embrace the divine fragrance and purifying power of the Smudge Bomb Premium – Frankincense and Rose. Let it guide you towards a more peaceful, loving, and spiritually enriched life, creating a haven of serenity and affection with every burn.


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