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Tribal Soul Backflow Cones – White Copal – 10 Cones



Embark on a journey of purity and serenity with Tribal Soul Backflow Cones in White Copal. This package includes 10 meticulously crafted backflow cones, each designed to create a serene and fragrant cascade of smoke that enriches your meditation, relaxation, and sacred rituals.

White Copal, revered for its cleansing and uplifting properties, has been used in spiritual traditions for generations to purify and elevate the energy of spaces. When ignited, these backflow cones release a fragrant smoke that gracefully descends, evoking the image of a tranquil waterfall. This not only adds a visual element of beauty to your surroundings but also imparts the soothing and purifying essence of White Copal.

Each cone is a testament to the artistry and commitment of Tribal Soul, ensuring that your spiritual and mindfulness practices are enhanced by the time-honoured wisdom of White Copal. Whether you seek to deepen your meditation or create a peaceful atmosphere in your space, these White Copal Backflow Cones offer a unique and immersive experience.


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