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Goloka Backflow – Palo Santo Incense Cones (24 Cones)

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Cleanse and purify your space with the sacred scent of Palo Santo Incense Cones. Each cone is carefully handcrafted to release the aromatic and transformative fragrance of Palo Santo, known for its purifying and spiritually uplifting properties. Experience the ancient wisdom and sacred essence of Palo Santo as it fills your surroundings with its soothing and grounding aroma. These high-quality incense cones are perfect for rituals, meditation, or simply creating a serene atmosphere. Embrace the sacred power of Palo Santo and invite positive energy and harmony into your life.

Goloka incense backflow cones come in a sturdy resealable tin. There are approximately 24 cones in each tin. Each cone has a burning time of approx 20 minutes per cone. These incense cones can be used alone or with a backflow burner for a relaxing waterfall effect.

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