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Carnelian Sphere – 85mm



Embrace the vibrant energy of our Carnelian Sphere, an impressive 85mm in diameter, encapsulating the fiery spirit and warmth of Carnelian. This large, beautifully polished sphere is a testament to the captivating allure of this beloved gemstone.

Key Features:

  • The 85mm size is substantial and impactful, making it a prominent feature in any setting.
  • It exhibits the rich, deep oranges and reds of Carnelian, often intermingled with softer, earthy tones, creating a sunburst effect.
  • Carnelian is celebrated for its stimulating properties, which are believed to boost energy, courage, and creativity.
  • Its presence is ideal for energising a living space, enhancing a workspace, or as a focal point in meditation practices.
  • Our commitment to ethical sourcing means this carnelian sphere is of the highest quality and responsibly obtained.

Why Choose Our Carnelian Sphere?

  • Its bold colours and significant presence can invigorate any room’s aesthetics.
  • Known for its motivational qualities, it’s a perfect companion for those seeking creativity and drive.
  • Each sphere is selected carefully, ensuring a dazzling display of Carnelian’s natural beauty.

The Carnelian Sphere is more than a simple ornament; it symbolises energy and inspiration, ideal for anyone seeking to infuse their environment with dynamism and passion. Let this striking sphere be a source of creativity and courage in your journey.

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