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Calcite Tri Colour – Acid Wash

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Calcite Tri Colour – Acid Wash – Experience the mesmerising beauty of our Acid Wash Calcite Tri Colour stones. These unique specimens showcase a captivating blend of three vibrant colours, ranging from soft pastels to bold hues. The acid wash treatment enhances the natural patterns and textures, creating a stunning display of visual interest. Calcite is known for its cleansing and energising properties, promoting clarity and amplifying positive energy. Embrace the enchanting energy of our Acid Wash Calcite Tri Colour stones and elevate your crystal collection.

  • Uses: Calcite, in general, will amplify and increase energy, it is protecting, purifying, grounding and centring, which will assist in bringing one inner peace.
  • Colour: Red, Yellow, Grey
  • Birthstone: Cancer

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