SRINIVAS Kyra Incense


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SRINIVAS Kyra Incense – The incense odor “kyra” fits perfectly with lovers of a fresh, floral scent. Flower scents often provide peace and positivity, but also nostalgia. Shrinivas Kyra is wonderful to unwind after a busy day. The scent brings you to an exotic garden full of flowers.

Incense of Shrinivas Sugandhalaya

Incense producer Shrinivas Sugandhalaya is one of the best known incense makers. It is also the producer of the well-known Satya incense. Shrinivas incense is characterized by the high quality and hand-rolled sticks. Only plant-based ingredients are used for the purest scent experience. Consider, for example, resin, bark, leaves and essential oil.

Buying Shrinivas incense means you get an authentic scent with 100% natural ingredients. The pure ingredients make the scents so nostalgic and intense.

Shrinivas Kyra incense burning

The Kyra flower comes from India. The flower gives a fresh scent, which is modestly present. If you like fresh floral scents, you will certainly appreciate this fragrance! The scent takes you away and takes you away from everyday stress. The floral scent is also very suitable for summer evenings, or for removing unwanted odors from your home.

The gentle kyra scent fits well with dreamy, romantic types that do not like a dominant scent.


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