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Sagrada Madre – Botanical Incense – Jasmine Roses 6 Thick Sticks



Immerse yourself in the enchanting floral paradise of the Sagrada Madre Botanical Incense – Jasmine Roses. This exquisite collection transcends the ordinary, melding the delicate allure of jasmine with the romantic essence of roses to create an aromatic experience that captivates the senses and soothes the soul. Crafted with the same dedication to purity and natural harmony, each stick in this range combines charcoal, fruit biomass, natural binders, and a touch of salt with the heavenly scents of jasmine and roses, ensuring a burn that fills your space with their divine fragrance.

The Jasmine Roses series is a tribute to the timeless elegance of floral aromas, designed for those who seek to envelop themselves in the luxury of nature’s most beloved scents. Whether you are deepening your meditation practice, enhancing your yoga session, or simply craving a moment of beauty and peace, the sophisticated bouquet of Jasmine Roses will transport you to a lush, serene garden where tranquility blossoms with each breath.

Each pack contains 6 thick sticks, thoughtfully crafted to provide an hour of uninterrupted bliss. This generous burn time allows for a prolonged retreat into serenity, making your environment a haven of calm and rejuvenation. Ideal for extended periods of relaxation or spiritual practices, these incense sticks envelop you in a floral embrace that nurtures the heart and elevates the spirit.

Explore the floral, aromatic world of the Sagrada Madre Botanical Incense – Jasmine Roses. Let these sticks guide you to a state of grace and joy, reminding you of the simple, profound beauty of a blooming garden and the transformative power of nature’s fragrances.


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