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Sagrada Madre – Botanical Incense – Clove Roses 6 Thick Sticks



Introducing Sagrada Madre Botanical Clove Rose Incense, a luxurious blend of natural enchantment and spiritual healing. Crafted with the utmost care, each stick combines the delicate petals of roses with the warm, spicy essence of cloves, enriched further with concentrated oils of both rose and clove. This exquisite mix is bound together with fruit biomass, charcoal, a natural binder, and a pinch of salt, creating an incense that not only purifies the air but also enriches the soul.

The divine fragrance of our Clove Rose Incense is specifically designed to mend the heart, attract fortune in relationships, and amplify abundance in love. This potent blend utilizes the natural powers of roses, known for their ability to heal and promote love, and cloves, celebrated for their protective qualities and ability to draw luck.

Each pack of Sagrada Madre Botanical Clove Rose Incense contains 6 thick sticks, each offering an extended burn time of approximately 1 hour. This ensures a lasting experience of aromatic bliss, perfect for deep meditation sessions, romantic evenings, or simply creating a serene, love-filled atmosphere in your home.

Elevate your spiritual practice, enhance your love life, and heal past wounds with the powerful, aromatic embrace of Clove Rose Incense. Let each stick guide you through a journey of aromatic healing, bringing luck, love, and abundance into every corner of your life.


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