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Polished Quartz Geodes

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These new variants of the beloved Moroccan ‘potato geodes’ combine the enchanting mystery of geodes with the elevated beauty of polished quartz. These super cute and tiny geodes, perfect for crafts or as unique candle holders, offer your space a delightful dose of sparkle. Known for their ability to balance energies and stimulate the chakras, Quartz Geodes invite positivity and clarity. Embrace the captivating charm of these Polished Quartz Geodes to enrich your environment.

  • Uses: Balancing energies, stimulating the chakras, inviting positivity and clarity, crafting, candle holding
  • Chakra: Crown Chakra
  • Origin: Morocco
  • Colour: Clear, white quartz inside with a dark, typically brown or tan, outer shell
  • Birthstone month: April

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