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Love and Compassion Crystal Pack

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Embrace the power of love and compassion with our Love & Compassion Pack. This beautiful collection of tumbled stones is designed to open your heart, foster loving relationships, and cultivate a sense of empathy and understanding. Each stone in this pack has been carefully selected for its unique properties and energies, promoting emotional healing and connection.

Love & Compassion Pack Includes:

  • Rose Quartz: – Known as the “Stone of Unconditional Love,” Rose Quartz opens the heart to all forms of love, providing emotional healing and fostering compassion and kindness.
  • Aventurine (Green): – Green Aventurine is a stone of comfort and harmony, promoting emotional balance and encouraging compassionate relationships.
  • Jasper Yellow: – Yellow Jasper enhances joy and positivity, promoting a sunny outlook on life and encouraging warm, compassionate interactions.
  • Dalmatian Stone: – Dalmatian Stone encourages a sense of playfulness and joy, helping to release any emotional barriers and foster loving relationships.
  • Sodalite: – Sodalite enhances communication and understanding, fostering harmony and trust in relationships while promoting emotional balance.
  • Mugglestone: – Mugglestone, also known as Tiger Iron, combines the energies of Hematite, Red Jasper, and Tiger Eye, promoting strength, courage, and emotional resilience.

Key Features:

  • Heart-Opening Properties: Each stone in this pack is renowned for its ability to foster love, compassion, and emotional healing.
  • Hand-Picked Quality: Every stone is unique and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality and energy.
  • Convenient Storage: Includes a high-quality microfibre drawstring pouch to keep your stones safe and organised.

Let the Love & Compassion Pack help you cultivate a more loving and compassionate life. Whether used in meditation, carried with you, or displayed in your space, these stones will support your emotional well-being and foster deeper connections with those around you.

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