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Leopardskin Jasper Tumbled Stones



Leopardskin Jasper Tumbled Stones – Connect with the wild and adventurous spirit of Leopardskin Jasper Tumbled Stones. These captivating crystals exhibit a unique pattern resembling the spots of a leopard, evoking a sense of strength and courage. Leopardskin Jasper is known as a stone of vitality and protection, encouraging a sense of self-confidence and inner strength. It is believed to bring balance and stability, helping one navigate through life’s challenges with grace. Embrace the grounding and nurturing energy of Leopardskin Jasper and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

  • Uses: Vitality, protection, self-confidence, balance, stability
  • Chakra: Root Chakra
  • Colour: Earthy tones with leopard-like spots


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