Goloka Backflow – Nag Champa Incense Cones (24 Cones)


Nag champa is a beautiful yellow Asian flower that blossoms in India on the champag tree and is also known as ‘Plumeria’. The aroma is sweet and tropical. She is one of the most sold incense fragrances in the world. Nag Champa makes you aware of the relative world and for that reason is experienced as enlightening. The basis of this aroma is the plumeria flower itself, but also gaiakwood, palmarosa, clove and vetiver.

Goloka incense backflow cones come in a sturdy resealable tin. There are approximately 24 cones in each tin. Each cone has a burning time of approx 20 minutes per cone. These incense cones can be used alone or with a back flow burner for a relaxing waterfall effect.


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