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Citrine Druzy Heart



Citrine Druzy Hearts are perfect for energizing and recharging the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, thus promoting personal power, creativity, and intelligent decision-making. This wonderful crystal is also known to attract wealth, prosperity, and success.

Use Citrine Druzy Hearts to cleanse your environment of negative energy, increase self-esteem, and promote motivation and physical endurance. This uplifting stone is also excellent for overcoming fear and depression.

  • Uses: Cleanses your environment of negative energy, enhances self-esteem and motivation, promotes creativity and intelligence, attracts wealth and success
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral
  • Birthstone: Citrine is a traditional birthstone for November, offering its warming and energizing properties to those born under this month. Additionally, due to its vibrant energy, it can be beneficial for those under the Zodiac sign of Gemini and Leo.


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