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Cedar Smudge Stick (10cm)

$22.00 $17.60


1 x Smudge Stick

We’d like to introduce our Cedar smudge stick, a special and potent instrument for grounding and purifying your surroundings.

Our cedar smudge stick is made from only the most recent and aromatic needles of the Cedar tree and is meticulously hand-gathered and bound.

Cedar is renowned for its cleansing and grounding qualities.

It is frequently utilised in ceremonial rituals to purify and save the environment.

Its energising, woodsy, fresh, and clean aroma will assist to purify the air, lower stress levels, and encourage relaxation.

It is also thought to have a close affinity with the ground, making it the ideal instrument for anyone seeking to establish a bond with the natural world.

Use the smoke from the smudge stick’s lit end to purify any necessary areas, including your home, office, and yourself.

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