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Blue Aragonite Sphere – 54mm



Discover the soothing allure of our Blue Aragonite Sphere, sized at 54mm. This beautifully polished sphere is a testament to the tranquil beauty of blue aragonite, offering both visual splendour and a calming presence.

Key Features:

  • A comfortable 54mm diameter, suitable for various uses, including meditation, decoration, or healing stone.
  • Features captivating shades of sky and sea blue, interlaced with subtle white and cream veins, echoing the peacefulness of oceanic waters.
  • Blue Aragonite is known for its calming energy, promoting emotional balance and aiding in clear communication.
  • Its polished surface and mesmerizing colour patterns make it a delightfully tactile and visual experience.
  • Sourced with a focus on sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring a high-quality, responsibly obtained product.

Why Choose Our Blue Aragonite Sphere?

  • Its enchanting blue hues bring a calming influence to any environment, perfect for relaxation and stress relief.
  • It is ideal for those who value stones with emotional healing properties.
  • Each sphere is carefully selected to ensure it showcases the best of blue aragonite’s natural beauty.

This Blue Aragonite Sphere is more than just a decorative object; it’s a piece that resonates with peace and clarity. It is ideal for anyone looking to infuse their environment with calm and beauty. Let this exquisite sphere be a source of tranquillity and emotional harmony.


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