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Banjara – Sandalwood Incense



1 x 15g Packet

BANJARA 15gms – Sandalwood Incense – Sandalwood is a class of wood from trees in the genus Santalum. The woods are heavy, yellow and fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades. The fragrance has the ability to encourage mental clarity and relaxation. Burning Sandalwood incense release natural antiseptics and cleanse the air. Due to its specific properties, breathing in sandalwood aromatic fragrance can help you fall asleep more easily, relieve anxiety and lift melancholy.

  • Highest Quality
  • Hand Made
  • Made in India
  • Supports Indigenous Cultures
  • Eco Friendly
  • Not Tested on Animals

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children. Make sure that ashes fall on fireproof surfaces (Ashtray or incense stick holder). Not for human consumption.


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Sam king
Banjara Sandalwood incense

Love it 🥰

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