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Aragonite Sputniks

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Aragonite Sputniks – Experience the fascinating energy of Aragonite Sputniks, named for their unique resemblance to celestial formations. These captivating clusters of Aragonite crystals radiate grounding and stabilizing energy, bringing a sense of balance and centeredness. Known for their ability to enhance patience and understanding, Aragonite Sputniks help in navigating through challenges and fostering a harmonious environment. Embrace the celestial energy of Aragonite Sputniks and find your inner equilibrium.

  • Uses: Grounding and stabilizing energy, enhancing patience and understanding, fostering harmony
  • Chakra: Root and Earth Star Chakra
  • Colour: White, brown, or reddish-brown

Note: Each piece is unique, so the picture is just indicative of what you will receive.

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