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Amber Sphere – 45mm



Step into a world of ancient beauty with our Amber Sphere, measuring 45mm in diameter. This exquisite sphere captures the essence of amber, a gemstone prized for millennia for its warm, honey-like hues and enchanting natural inclusions.

Key Features:

  • A compact 45mm diameter, it is an ideal size for personal meditation, as a desk ornament, or as a unique decorative item.
  • Features rich, warm colours ranging from golden yellow to deep orange, often with fascinating organic inclusions that tell a story of the past.
  • Amber is renowned for its calming properties and is believed to bring warmth and well-being to its surroundings.
  • Its smooth, polished surface offers a tactile experience that is both soothing and enchanting.
  • They are ethically sourced to ensure a high-quality sphere that respects the environment and the gemstone’s heritage.

Why Choose Our Amber Sphere?

  • Its inviting, warm colours add a touch of natural elegance and ancient mystery to any setting.
  • Known for its soothing properties, it’s an excellent choice for creating a calm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Carefully selected for its clarity and captivating inclusions, each sphere is a testament to Amber’s timeless beauty.

The Amber Sphere is more than just a gemstone; it’s a link to the ancient world, perfect for anyone who appreciates the beauty and history of natural stones. Let this enchanting sphere be a source of warmth and tranquillity.

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