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Red Sage Burning in Aromatherapy: It’s Uses and Advantages

Aromatherapy, a holistic healing treatment utilising natural plant extracts, has been increasingly popular in New Zealand for its remarkable ability to promote both physical and emotional well-being.

Amidst the myriad of herbs employed in this age-old practice, red sage, often used in sage smudge sticks, distinguishes itself with its exceptional properties and benefits.

Particularly effective in clearing negative energy and purifying the space of negative energy surrounding us, red sage burning stands as a powerful tool in aromatherapy.

This blog explores the uses and advantages of red sage burning, providing insights into how this practice can not only enhance your health but also transform your living space into a sanctuary free from negative vibes.


Understanding Red Sage


Red sage is scientifically recognised as Salvia miltiorrhiza. It is a perennial plant that is native in China and Japan, renowned for its deep red roots and significant medicinal value.

Historically, it has been utilised in various cultures for its healing properties, especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This plant’s use extends beyond its native soil, finding a place in New Zealand’s holistic wellness practices, often in combination with mountain sage and dragons blood resin, to enhance its therapeutic benefits.

Unlike common sage (Salvia officinalis), red sage provides a unique set of advantages, making it an indispensable component in the aromatherapy toolkit. The addition of dragon’s blood resin to a sage smudge stick incorporating red sage, for instance, can amplify its efficacy in clearing spaces of negative energies and promoting healing.

This blend of mountain sage with dragons blood resin has been embraced by many looking to harness the combined powers of these natural elements for wellness and purification purposes.

The Role of Red Sage in Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy utilises aromatic materials, including essential oils, to enhance psychological and physical well-being. In New Zealand, red sage plays a pivotal role in this practice, being employed in various forms such as burning dried sage leaves, diffusing its essential oil, or using it as a key ingredient in incense.

The active compounds in red sage, notably tanshinones and salvianolic acids, are credited with providing therapeutic effects. Dragons blood sage, a blend that combines the potent properties of red sage with the protective energy of dragon’s blood, is particularly valued for its enhanced ability to purify spaces and banish negative influences.

This synergy not only maximises the benefits of red sage but also taps into the ancient wisdom of using dragon’s blood for spiritual and health-related purposes.

The inclusion of dragon’s blood in these practices adds a layer of depth to the healing potential, making it a sought-after choice for those aiming to create a harmonised and positive environment.

Despite the added shipping cost associated with sourcing these high-quality ingredients, the value they bring to aromatherapy practices, especially in terms of banishing negative energies and promoting well-being, is considered well worth the investment.

Benefits of Red Sage Burning in Aromatherapy

The benefits of burning sage can’t be ignored. So, let’s look at the benefits of burning red sage for aromatherapy.

1) Stress Reduction and Relaxation

The aroma of burning red sage has a soothing effect on the mind, helping to minimise stress and promote relaxation. Its soothing scent is believed to decrease cortisol levels, aiding in the reduction of anxiety and promoting a sense of calm.

Incorporating dragons blood resin found alongside red sage in aromatherapy practices enhances the magical potency of the ritual, further aiding in stress relief and relaxation.

2) Improved Sleep Quality

Thanks to its sedative properties, red sage can enhance sleep quality. The calming aroma helps to soothe the nervous system. Thus making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

The practice of burning red sage for sleep is complemented by space clearing techniques, ensuring a tranquil environment conducive to rest.

3) Enhanced Cognitive Function

Inhaling the aroma of red sage can have a stimulating effect on the mind, enhancing concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function. This makes it a great aid for study sessions or work that requires mental clarity.

The use of red sage in combination with white sage can amplify these cognitive benefits, as white sage is known for its purifying properties and ability to enhance focus.

4) Respiratory Health

Red sage burning can contribute to respiratory health by purifying the air and improving breathing. Its antimicrobial properties help clear the air of pathogens and allergens, providing relief for those with respiratory conditions.

Space clearing with red sage not only improves air quality but also contributes to a healthier breathing environment.

5) Emotional Balancing

The scent of red sage is also known for its ability to boost mood and balance emotions, making it a useful tool in combating depression and emotional distress.

The practice of burning red sage, particularly when aimed at banishing negative influences and bad habits, creates a positive atmosphere that supports emotional well-being and personal growth.


Practical Tips for Using Red Sage in Aromatherapy

When embracing red sage in your aromatherapy practices in New Zealand, consider the synergy of combining it with elements like dragon’s blood resin. This not only amplifies its cleansing power but also adds a protective barrier against negative energy, enhancing the metaphysical protection benefits.

The use of a red sage smudge stick, especially one combined with dragon’s blood resin, is highly recommended for those aiming to maximise the purifying and protective aspects of their aromatherapy practice.

Such combinations are particularly effective in banishing bad habits, as the act of smudging with red sage can be a symbolic gesture towards eliminating negative patterns and fostering a positive environment for change.

The mindful crafting and use of sage smudge sticks, acknowledging the spiritual and physical benefits, serve as a powerful tool in holistic wellness, embodying a deep respect for the traditional uses of these plants while adapting them to contemporary needs.


Precautions and Considerations

Although red sage and dragons blood sage are generally considered safe for use, awareness and caution are advised regarding potential allergies or sensitivities. People with respiratory conditions should seek medical advice before introducing sage smudge sticks into their wellness routine, particularly those containing potent compounds like dragons blood resin.

It’s also important to ensure that these products are used in a well-ventilated area to minimize inhalation of smoke, which can be irritating to some people.

Pregnant women and those with pre-existing health conditions should talk with a doctor prior to engaging in aromatherapy practices involving red sage and dragons blood sage to ensure their safety and well-being.



The practice of burning red sage, especially when enhanced with the powerful protective properties of dragon’s blood, offers a holistic approach to improving mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

By adding this ancient ritual into your daily routine, you harness the natural healing powers of these substances, elevating your overall quality of life.

As we continue to explore the benefits of these natural remedies, it’s essential to approach their use with respect and mindfulness, ensuring they remain a cherished part of our wellness journey, harmoniously blending traditional wisdom with modern living.


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