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Which Crystals Help with Abundance? Crystals for Abundance and Wealth

Are you ready to explore the captivating world of crystals and discover which ones can help attract prosperity into your life? Attracting abundance goes beyond mere material gain; it encompasses a holistic approach to living a fulfilled and prosperous life. 

Crystals have been revered for centuries for their energetic properties and ability to align us with the natural flow of abundance. They act as reminders and catalysts, helping us shift our mindset, remove limiting beliefs, and embrace the opportunities that come our way. 

From the vibrant golden energy of Citrine to the grounding strength of Malachite, each crystal has its unique qualities and gifts to offer. We’ll dive into their meanings, properties, and practical ways to incorporate them into your daily life.

In this article, we’ll delve into the power of crystals and how they can assist you in manifesting abundance. Whether you’re seeking financial freedom, career success, or overall prosperity, the right crystals can be your allies on this transformative journey.


Top Crystals for Abundance and Wealth

Several crystals are commonly associated with attracting wealth and abundance. One popular crystal is Citrine, known as the “merchant’s stone.” Its vibrant yellow color is said to resemble gold, making it a powerful symbol of prosperity. Pyrite, also known as Fool’s Gold, is another crystal that is believed to bring good luck and attract financial success. Green Aventurine, often referred to as the “stone of opportunity,” is said to enhance luck and attract wealth

Detailed Overview and In-Depth Analysis of Popular Crystals for Attracting Abundance
When it comes to attracting abundance and manifesting wealth, crystals have been cherished for their metaphysical properties and energetic vibrations. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the most popular crystals for attracting abundance, including their properties, uses, maintenance, and how effectively they work.


Known as the “merchant’s stone,” Citrine is a powerful crystal for attracting prosperity and financial success. Its vibrant yellow color symbolizes abundance and its amplifying properties make it an ideal crystal for manifestation. 

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Citrine is believed to empower individuals to clarify their intentions and kick-start their efforts toward financial goals. Customers often report positive shifts in their financial situations after working with Citrine.

How to Use Citrine for Abundance?

 This sunny crystal is like a magnet for financial prosperity. To tap into its abundant energy, place a Citrine stone near your workspace or carry it in your pocket. Visualize your financial goals and allow Citrine to cleanse any negative energy around money. Let its vibrant energy shine light on new opportunities and guide you in making wise decisions to attract wealth.


Commonly known as “fool’s gold,” Pyrite is a highly regarded crystal for attracting abundance and wealth. Its golden color and metallic luster resemble real gold, making it a symbolic and energetic amplifier for financial prosperity. 

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Pyrite is believed to fortify one’s intentions and provide the energy needed to turn dreams into reality. Many customers testify to the effectiveness of Pyrite in bringing financial stability and attracting new opportunities.

How to Use Pyrite for Abudnace?

Pyrite is a cool crystal that brings truth and luck to your abundance journey. Hold a piece of Pyrite in your hand and feel its grounding energy. Imagine yourself surrounded by shades of prosperity as you set clear intentions. Pyrite’s magnetic properties will attract new opportunities and support you in making confident decisions that lead to financial success.
Chalcopyrite – Peacock Ore

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a powerful crystal for manifesting wealth, luck, and opportunities. Its lush green color resonates with growth, vitality, and abundance. Green Aventurine is often used in abundance rituals and manifestation practices to bring financial success into one’s life.
This crystal empowers individuals to reach their financial goals while maintaining a positive and grounded mindset. Customer testimonials frequently mention the positive effects of Green Aventurine in attracting financial abundance.

How to Use Green Aventurine for Abudnace?

Cool and soothing, Green Aventurine is a crystal that opens doors to wealth and abundance. Wear Green Aventurine jewelry close to your heart or keep a small stone in your wallet. Allow its gentle energy to remind you that opportunities are always present. With Green Aventurine by your side, you’ll stay in tune with the flow of abundance and attract positive financial experiences.


Malachite is a potent crystal for attracting abundance and creating financial opportunities. With its vibrant green color and swirling patterns, Malachite is associated with growth, transformation, and prosperity.
This crystal is believed to enhance the flow of energy and attract financial success. Many customers have experienced a significant improvement in their financial situations after incorporating Malachite into their abundance practices.

How to Use Malachite for Abudnace?

Let the rich shades of green in Malachite guide you to financial prosperity. This powerful crystal helps you cleanse any limiting beliefs that may be blocking abundance. Hold a Malachite stone and feel its energy resonate with your solar plexus chakra, the center of personal power. Trust in its wisdom as it aids you in making confident decisions that lead to financial growth.


Garnet is a crystal that harnesses the fiery energy of passion and vitality. It is often associated with abundance and wealth, attracting opportunities for financial success. Garnet empowers individuals to take action and move forward in their financial endeavors.
This crystal is believed to bring clarity and focus to financial decisions, helping individuals make wise choices and attract abundance into their lives. Customers often report a renewed sense of confidence and vitality after working with Garnet.

How to Use Garnet for Abudnace?

Garnet is a captivating crystal that brings good fortune and light into your financial endeavors. Hold a Garnet stone in your hand and feel its warm energy pulsate through your being. Let its vibrant color ignite your passion for wealth and success. With Garnet by your side, you’ll attract positive opportunities and align with the flow of prosperity.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a powerful crystal for manifesting wealth and financial abundance. Its golden brown color and chatoyancy resemble the eye of a tiger, symbolizing strength, courage, and protection.
Tiger’s Eye empowers individuals to take confident steps toward their financial goals, attracting prosperity and good fortune. Customer testimonials frequently mention the positive experiences and increased financial stability that come with working with Tiger’s Eye.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye for Abudnace?

Channel the energy of Tiger’s Eye to bring success and prosperity into your life. Hold a Tiger’s Eye stone and let its golden hues fill you with confidence and courage. This crystal helps you stay focused on your financial goals, clearing any obstacles that may stand in your way. Allow Tiger’s Eye to guide you along your path to abundance, reminding you to play with a mindset of prosperity.
polished tiger's eye crystal

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a versatile and powerful crystal known as the “master healer.” It amplifies energy, clarifies intentions, and brings balance to all aspects of life, including finances.
Clear Quartz can be programmed to attract abundance and assist in manifesting financial goals. This crystal is often used to amplify the energies of other crystals when creating abundance grids or rituals. Customers have reported a greater sense of clarity and focus in their financial endeavors after working with Clear Quartz.

How to Use Clear Quartz for Abudnace?

Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal that amplifies intentions and brings clarity to your abundance journey. Hold a Clear Quartz crystal and envision your financial goals with crystal-clear focus. Use Clear Quartz to charge other crystals with its pure energy, enhancing their manifesting power. Let this crystal be your guiding light on the path to financial prosperity.

Green Jade

Green Jade is a revered crystal for attracting abundance, luck, and prosperity. Its soothing green color embodies harmony and well-being.
Green Jade is believed to attract wealth and good fortune while promoting a positive mindset and balanced approach to finances. Customers often speak of the calming and nurturing effects of Green Jade in their financial journey, helping them make wise decisions and create a prosperous future.

How to Use Green Jade for Abudnace?

Green Jade is a stone of love, luck, and wealth. Wear Green Jade jewelry or keep a small stone in your pocket to attract abundance into your life. Allow its soothing energy to help you release any limiting thoughts or beliefs about money. Green Jade will support you in aligning with the flow of wealth, bringing harmony to your financial endeavors.

Top Tips for Manifesting Abundance with Citrine and Jade

  1. Set a clear intention: Before using Citrine or Jade to manifest abundance, you must know what you want. It can include financial abundance, abundance in relationships, or abundance in personal growth. Once you have a clear intention, focus on it while working with Citrine or Jade.
  2. Carry Citrine or Jade with you: Citrine or Jade is believed to have a powerful energy that can help to attract abundance. Carrying Citrine or Jade with you, in the form of a crystal or as jewelry, can help to amplify its energy and bring plenty into your life.
  3. Place Citrine or Jade in your living space: Placing Citrine or Jade in your living space, such as in your home office or living room, can help to attract abundance and positive energy into your home.
  4. Use Citrine or Jade in meditation: Meditating with Citrine or Jade can help to enhance the stone’s energy and focus your intention on manifesting abundance. Hold the Citrine or Jade in your hand, close your eyes and focus on your intent while visualizing it coming to fruition.
  5. Create a citrine or jade crystal grid: Create a crystal grid with Citrine or Jade to focus its energy and attract abundance into your life. You can use other crystals that complement the power of Citrine or Jade, such as clear quartz, green aventurine or pyrite.
  6. Use affirmations: When working with citrine or jade, use affirmations that align with your intention to manifest abundance. Repeat them throughout the day, and visualize yourself already having what you desire.
  7. Be open to abundance: The most important thing to remember when manifesting abundance with Citrine or Jade is to be open to receiving it. Release any doubts or limiting beliefs and trust that the universe works in your favour to bring abundance into your life.
  8. Take action: Manifestation is not just about visualization and positive thinking. It also requires taking action toward your goals. Use the energy and motivation provided by Citrine or Jade to take practical steps toward manifesting abundance in your life.

How to Use Crystals for Abundance?

Using crystals for abundance requires not only an intention to attract wealth but also a mindful practice. Placing crystals strategically in your workspace or desk can create a grounded and creative environment. For example, the fiery energy of Tiger Eye can stimulate motivation and drive, while the calming presence of Amethyst can enhance intuition and spiritual growth. Peridot is believed to attract financial prosperity and can be placed in your wallet or pocket to invite abundance into your financial life.

Incensen New Zealand offers a range of crystals specifically chosen to attract wealth and abundance. Their selection includes powerful stones like Citrine, which is known for its ability to manifest money and attract opportunities for financial growth. Black Tourmaline is another crystal they offer, which can protect against negative energies and help remove blocks that may hinder financial success.

When choosing crystals for wealth abundance, it is essential to set clear intentions and work with the stones consistently. Regular practice with crystals can create an energetic resonance that aligns with your goals, making attracting the abundance you desire easier. Whether you are new to working with crystals or an experienced crystal enthusiast, Incensen New Zealand provides the guidance and support you need to make informed choices and use the crystals effectively.

The Scientific Basis of How Crystals Providing Abundance

Crystals have long captivated our imaginations with their beauty and metaphysical properties, but is there a scientific basis behind their ability to attract abundance? While the scientific community may not fully endorse the metaphysical claims surrounding crystals, it’s worth exploring the potential mechanisms through which these gemstones can positively impact our lives.

When we focus our attention and willpower on specific intentions, we can transform our lives and manifest abundance. Crystals act as powerful tools to enhance this process. They are believed to absorb and amplify energy, including the intentions and desires we project onto them. This interaction between focused intention and the energetic properties of crystals is where the magic happens.

Have you ever noticed how the moonlight transforms the darkness of the night into a mystical glow? Similarly, crystals are thought to transform our energetic landscape. By working with specific crystals, we invite their unique vibrations into our lives. Each crystal carries its energy signature, symbolizing different qualities such as abundance, courage, or love. These energetic vibrations resonate with our intentions, amplifying our efforts and helping us collect the positive energy needed to manifest abundance.

How Crystals Help Attract Abundance

Overcoming fears and challenges is an essential part of attracting abundance. Crystals can serve as reminders and symbols of our commitment to personal growth. Placing a crystal by your bed or carrying it with you throughout the day can act as a talisman, supporting your transformational journey and offering gifts of courage and strength. 

By connecting with our feet planted firmly on the ground, we can raise our vibration and inspire abundance. Crystals resonate with our chakras, the energy centers along our spine. Each chakra corresponds to different aspects of our being, and when in balance, they facilitate the flow of energy and positive emotions. By working with crystals that resonate with specific chakras, we can release blockages and align ourselves with the vibrations of abundance and positivity.

Do Crystals Really Attract Abundance?

Science tells us that our thoughts and behaviors have a profound impact on our experiences. By adopting positive habits and a mindset of abundance, we can shift our energy and attract more of what we desire. Crystals can assist us in this endeavor by reminding us of our intentions and inspiring us to stay focused on our goals. They act as gentle guides, resonating with our intentions and supporting our journey towards abundance.

While the scientific evidence supporting the metaphysical claims of crystals may be limited, countless personal stories and anecdotes attest to their transformative power. Whether you are drawn to the mesmerizing image of a crystal or the stories of those who have experienced abundance through their use, crystals can serve as powerful reminders and catalysts for positive change.

While science may not fully explain the metaphysical properties of crystals, there is a scientific basis for their ability to provide abundance. By focusing our attention and willpower, transforming our thoughts and habits, and connecting with the energetic vibrations of crystals, we can raise our own vibration and align ourselves with the energy of abundance. Crystals act as supportive tools on our journey, assisting us in releasing blockages, reminding us of our intentions, and resonating with the energies that help us manifest abundance.

Remember, the true power of crystals lies not only in their scientific properties but also in the meaning and intention we assign to them. Embrace them as symbols of transformation and allow their beauty and energetic qualities to inspire and uplift you on your path to abundance.

relaxation crystals

History and Significance of Crystals in Providing Abundance

Throughout history, crystals have captivated the human imagination with their beauty, mystery, and believed metaphysical properties. Crystals have been revered for their ability to transform energy, inspire personal growth, and assist individuals in manifesting abundance in various aspects of their lives. Let’s delve into the fascinating history and significance of crystals in providing abundance.

The use of crystals for attracting abundance can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Native Americans, and Vikings. These cultures recognized the power that crystals held and incorporated them into their spiritual and healing practices.

Ancient Egyptians believed that crystals could connect them with the gods and goddesses, offering insight into the future and providing guidance on their journey to abundance. They particularly valued Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise for their transformative properties. The Greeks and Romans also recognized the metaphysical properties of crystals, utilizing them to enhance their spiritual practices and attract prosperity.

Crystals were often worn or placed on altars during rituals and ceremonies to raise vibrations, release fears and blockages, and usher in abundance. They were seen as powerful symbols, reminding individuals to overcome challenges and fears and to recognize their own willpower and transformational abilities.

The Vikings, known for their exploration and conquests, appreciated the power of crystals to enhance their efforts in acquiring wealth and success. Citrine, a crystal associated with abundance and prosperity, resonated deeply with their desires, and they believed it could bring financial prosperity and luck.

In modern times, crystals continue to inspire and assist individuals in their quest for abundance. By harnessing the unique energies of different crystals, people can tap into their power, release limiting beliefs and behaviors, and align themselves with the vibrations of positivity and prosperity.

Choosing the Right Crystal for Abundance

When working with crystals for abundance, it is essential to choose ones that resonate with your intentions and goals. Different crystals are believed to activate and balance specific chakras, energy centers within the body. For example, Citrine resonates with the solar plexus chakra, while Green Aventurine connects with the heart chakra, both of which are associated with abundance and prosperity.

Personal anecdotes and stories of individuals who have worked with crystals for abundance can provide inspiration and guidance. Many people have reported positive shifts in their lives after incorporating crystals into their daily routines and rituals. These stories serve as reminders that abundance is not just about material wealth but also encompasses emotional well-being, spiritual growth, and generosity.

The history and significance of crystals in providing abundance span across civilizations and cultures. Crystals have been widely recognized for their transformative properties, inspiring individuals to release blockages, overcome challenges, and connect with their own inner power. By utilizing crystals in alignment with intentions, chakras, and personal affirmations, individuals can raise their vibrations and attract abundance into their lives.

Crystal Grids for Abundance

To manifest abundance using crystals, it’s important to combine their powerful energies with intention-setting practices. Crystal grids, where multiple crystals are arranged in specific patterns, can amplify the energy and maximize their effects. Placing crystals under moonlight or on an altar dedicated to abundance during sleep can also enhance their energetic properties.

Remember, each crystal carries its unique vibration and meaning, so it’s essential to choose crystals that resonate with you. Embrace the gifts that crystals offer and allow them to assist you on your journey towards abundance and prosperity.

How to Use Crystals for Money

Imagine a life filled with abundance, where money flows effortlessly and prosperity is a constant companion. Crystals can be your allies on this transformative journey. By harnessing the energy of popular crystals, you can attract wealth and manifest abundance in your life. Let’s explore the best ways to use these powerful stones and unlock the gates to financial prosperity.

Choosing the Right Crystals

To invite abundance into your life, it’s essential to work with crystals that resonate with this intention. Citrine, known as the great stone of abundance, is a popular choice. Its vibrant yellow color symbolizes prosperity and happiness, making it an excellent crystal for attracting wealth. Green Aventurine is another powerful stone for manifesting abundance. Its green hue aligns with abundance in all forms, including financial prosperity. Carry these crystals with intention and allow their energy to support your desires for abundance.

Setting Intentions

Crystals are like energetic magnets, amplifying your intentions and desires. Before working with abundance crystals, take a moment to set a clear intention. Visualize the life of abundance you desire, whether it’s financial freedom, a thriving business, or a prosperous career. Infuse your crystals with this intention by holding them in your hands and speaking aloud your desires. This conscious act of programming your crystals will enhance their ability to attract abundance into your life.

Carrying Crystals Throughout the Day

Carrying abundance crystals with you throughout the day is a simple yet effective way to align yourself with the energy of prosperity. Keep a small tumbled stone of Citrine or Green Aventurine in your pocket or purse. Whenever you touch or see the crystal, let it serve as a reminder of your intention for abundance. Touching the crystal throughout the day can help you stay connected with your desires and motivate you to take inspired actions.

Meditating with Abundance Crystals

Meditation is a powerful tool for manifesting abundance, and crystals can enhance the experience. Find a quiet and peaceful place where you can sit comfortably. Hold your abundance crystal in your hand or place it near you. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, allowing yourself to relax. Visualize the abundant life you desire, feeling the emotions of joy, prosperity, and fulfillment. Allow the energy of the crystal to support your manifestation process and amplify your intentions.

Creating an Abundance Crystal Collection

Building a collection of abundance crystals can be a powerful way to enhance your manifesting efforts. Choose a variety of stones that resonate with abundance and prosperity, such as Pyrite, Clear Quartz, or Amethyst. Display them in your home or office, creating an altar dedicated to abundance. This visual reminder will align your energy with prosperity and serve as a focal point for your intentions.

Wearable Crystals for Money

Wearing abundance crystals as jewelry is another effective way to bring their energy into your daily life. Citrine or Green Aventurine bracelets, necklaces, or rings can act as constant reminders of your intention for abundance. As you wear the crystals, let them enhance your confidence, courage, and belief in your ability to attract wealth. Each time you glance at your jewelry, remember the power it holds to align you with the universe’s abundant flow.

Working with Abundance Crystals in Rituals

In many cultures and spiritual practices, rituals are used to promote abundance and prosperity. Incorporate abundance crystals into your own rituals by placing them on your abundance altar during ceremonies or intention-setting sessions. Light candles, burn incense or recite affirmations to enhance the energetic vibrations. The ritual acts as a sacred space where you can connect with the energy of abundance, release limiting beliefs, and align yourself with the flow of prosperity.

Importance of Buying Genuine, High-Quality Crystals for Abundance

When it comes to attracting abundance and manifesting wealth, the quality and authenticity of the crystals you choose can make a significant difference. Buying genuine, high-quality crystals is essential for harnessing the true power of these gemstones. When seeking authentic crystals for abundance, it’s important to find reputable sources that offer genuine and carefully selected stones. 

Buying genuine crystals is crucial because their energetic properties catalyze positive shifts and manifestation. Authentic crystals carry the natural patterns and vibrations that align with the laws of nature and the universal energies. When we use genuine crystals, they can boost our intentions and work in harmony with the law of attraction, allowing us to manifest abundance more effectively.

Where to Buy Authentic Crystals for Abundance 

Incensen’s Online Store in New Zealand is one such place where you can find a wide selection of crystals known for their ability to attract abundance and wealth. Customer reviews emphasize the quality and effectiveness of their abundance crystals, making them a trusted choice for those seeking genuine and powerful crystals.

High-quality crystals are more likely to have been ethically sourced and treated with care. Incensen New Zealand prioritizes the authenticity and quality of its crystals, ensuring that each stone is genuine, beautiful, and sourced responsibly. This commitment to quality ensures that the crystals you choose are both energetically and physically pure, allowing you to work with them confidently and ethically.


the choice of where to buy authentic crystals for abundance is crucial when seeking to manifest wealth and attract financial success. Incensen New Zealand offers a diverse selection of genuine crystals known for their abilities to attract abundance and wealth. By choosing high-quality crystals, you can align yourself with the natural vibrations and patterns that support manifestation and attract the abundance you deserve.


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